Best Step Tutoring has been working with my daughter since she was Pre-K. My daughter’s tutor has shown great flexibility, and breadth of instructional competence, working in the Reading/English/Verbal areas, as well as an expertise in Math skill building areas.  In addition, Best Step Tutoring has introduced low level concepts in the STEM area, showing great competency and results.  

We thought that attention span would be an issue since our daughter was so young when we began, One particular aspect of this that my daughter’s tutor has excelled in is the appropriate use of engagement and empathy to enhance the learning process.  Another strength has been their ability to explain concepts to students using examples and metaphors. Lastly, the tutor has done an excellent job tapping into the particular interest areas of students in order to enhance the learning process.

Best Step Tutoring has done an excellent job scaffolding instruction.  My daughter’s tutor has always found the right balance of instructional time and independent practice time, knowing when to review instruction in order to be ready to work on the lesson independently and gain mastery. 

Overall, we have had an amazing experience with Best Step and look forward to building on the foundation they have set.  

Krystian M., parent

We just wanted to shout out a BIG THANKS to all the members of the Best Stop Tutoring on their help and support during pandemic. 

My son is enjoying Best Step Tutoring services very much. The tutors are very nice, friendly, helpful, and supportive in aiding with my son’s math/english homework. They join the session on time and they communicate if there needs to be a change in the schedule. Our tutor Greta is very sweet and supportive. She helps my son with all the questions my son has on his homework assignment or project.

It feels so good to see that young high school kids are helping the community through volunteering. We are very thankful to the organization, who took this step and devoted their valuable time to educate younger kids. Thanks again for all the help and support that BST is providing to my son especially during the COVID pandemic when kids are not able to go to school. This means a lot to us. We appreciate Best Step Tutoring so much.

Deepti Verma, parent

I had a really great experience during the few weeks I participated in the SAT course! The tutors were really great and went into depth with questions we didn’t understand. They were also very knowledgeable on what they were speaking about. As a result of the course, I definitely feel more confident and prepared to take the SAT. The course itself was also a really fun experience and I was excited to attend each session and learn something new! Overall, I had a really positive experience with the course and it really helped me to better understand how to tackle the SAT!

Victoria Czoch, student taking the SAT course

Alissar has been tutoring my daughter in math and language arts and is very organized and responsible with preparing for her sessions. She is always on time and efficient during the session. She is able to explain well difficult concepts and has been a great asset to my daughter’s improvement in school. We are great full for your program and particularly for a chance to meet Alissar.

Marina Rysin, parent

Best Step Tutoring