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Our Mission

Best Step Tutoring strives to provide equitable educational services to all students. We believe every child has the potential to excel academically when given the proper tools to succeed. This is why we dedicate our services to ensuring personable, meaningful, successful tutoring.

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How We Operate

Once the Student Registration Form is completed, our team will pair the registered student with a qualified tutor. The student can choose the subjects they want tutoring in, and they will have weekly tutoring sessions through zoom on the subjects they choose. Please visit our FAQ page for any questions!



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My daughter’s tutor has shown great flexibility, and breadth of instructional competence, working in the Reading/English/Verbal areas, as well as an expertise in Math skill building areas. In addition, Best Step Tutoring has introduced low level concepts in the STEM area, showing great competency and results!

Krystian M.


I had a really great experience during the few weeks I participated in the SAT course! As a result of the course, I definitely feel more confident and prepared to take the SAT. Overall, I had a really positive experience with the course and it really helped me to better understand how to tackle the SAT!

Victoria C.

Student taking the SAT Course

We just wanted to shout out a BIG THANKS to all the members of the Best Stop Tutoring on their help and support during pandemic. It feels so good to see that young high school kids are helping the community through volunteering. This means a lot to us. We appreciate Best Step Tutoring so much.

Deepti V.


An International Effort

“A chain is only as  strong as its weakest link.”
Best Step Tutoring is connected with tutors on almost every continent!

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