TEP General Associates (Online or In-Person)

TEP General Associates (Online or In-Person)

  • Online or Within 50 miles of Arlington Heights, IL
  • No. of Vacancies: 3
  • Must be in highschool or higher

The Edvantage Project facilitates library drives. During library drives, patrons donate any sort of electronic devices ranging from laptops to iPads to speakers. The Edvantage Project staff facilitates the collection, recycling, or reselling of these devices to communities in need. Your work will help countless students gain access to the digital age.

All rolls at The Edvantage Project come with a few perks, including free access to Grammarly Premium, Canva Premium, and free Google Drive Premium. Additionally, all pre-approved expenses will be reimbursed.

Description: General Associates take on a wide variety of roles and responsibilities within The Edvantage Project. In-person general associates work at libraries and coordinate with library directors to effectively host drives and meet the needs of libraries. They also reach out to libraries and become the primary point of contact for libraries. Online general associates generally use phone calls to coordinate sponsorships and library drives throughout the year. Online general associates are an integral part of the team at The Edvantage Project. 


  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Strong communicatory skills
  • Ability to respond to emails, write reports, and make presentations
  • Ability to be a member of a team, listen to instructions, and work in a timely fashion 
  • Should be able to commit three to five hours a week on a drive week, and two to three hours on a non-drive week
  • Should be able to respond to emails within 24 hours on any business day
  • Should have access to a strong internet connection and the ability to use Zoom to communicate with other team members frequently
  • Should have the ability to commute locally on occasion to libraries to work drives (in-person only)

For questions email: tep@beststeptutoring.org

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